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The Red Khémèresh

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the red khemeresh cover

“Morris’s worldbuilding, with its intricacy and its sensitivity to anthropological and mythological detail, inevitably reminds one of Ursula LeGuin.”

—Kathryn Hinds, author of The Healer’s Choice,
and many other books.

Phayaden is a shaman tormented with visions that come without ceremony—terrible images of war against the people of the Tashihyel. She fled to the obscurity of her small family clan—but cannot hide from these visions after inviting a god into her home.

The demi-god Engidu must guide the war chief Tengis to a test that will transform him. Even he does not know if Tengis will die, or live to be the hero his people need.

Tengis knows what his people need. He needs the support of the clans, and the shaman he loves for having a vision as great as his own.

None of them know that this is one challenge where even a demi-god might need a shaman to survive.

THE RED KHÉMÈRESH is a novella that introduces the world of Ihyel, set on the windswept steppes of the Tashihyel.

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