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Too Wyrd (Runespells Book 1)

2 min read

by Sarah Buhrman

“Sarah Buhrman masterfully weaves the mythos of the Norse Pantheon into the chaos that is the modern world with exceptional care… realistic magic, authentic mythology, horrific monsters, and heroes.” –Kyrja, author of the Gatekeeper’s Choice series

Nicola was never a hero. She was an everyday single mother, Heathen witch, and herbalist. She was happy with her quiet life until the night Joseph showed up at her door with news that her step-sister joined a cult… and she had gone missing.

Pressured by family loyalties, Nicola goes back to Indianapolis, dodging old enemies and calling on old friends to help her find her step-sister. What she finds instead is an ex with super-powers, monsters and demigods on the streets, and a detective ready to bring her in for a murder investigation…or three.

Can Nicola become the hero she needs to be, or will she lose everyone she cares for?

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