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The Korpes File

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Dystopian Science Fiction By J. I. Rogers

Book one

I’ve described my writing style and genre over on my author profile. For the sake of clarity (and the SEO rating), I’ll reiterate redundantly; this is an adult dystopian science fiction series. If you enjoy classic sci-fi, dystopian fiction, cyberpunk, or space opera, then this book may be just the book for you.

Book covers of "The Korpes File" - book 1 in digital and paperback formats. Genre: Dystopian, science fiction, with a dash of space opera thrown in.

From the back cover:
“As if being born Diasporan wasn’t enough, Technician Nash Korpes had the bad luck to resemble his Tyran ancestors almost identically in both form, and manner. These traits, though highly prized by the special projects division at the shadowy Korlune Military Research and Development, mark him as a specter from their warlike past. With only his intellect holding his sanity in place, he wages a private war against the entire socioeconomic status quo and begins to uncover the truth that threatens them all.”

Editorial Reviews:

Five Stars “Few debut books attempt to achieve what J. I. Rogers set out to achieve, and even fewer are able to create a story that is so unlike everything else out there. The Korpes File is one such work and a stellar debut novel for Rogers.”

Full Review


Five Stars “…The futuristic and gritty setting is a strong pillar of The Korpes File…”

Full Review

Ray Simmons of Readers’ Favorite

Five Stars “…Its intelligent story-line only adds to depth of emotion the reader feels.  Not an easy book to read, it is nevertheless a page turner.  Complex and fascinating, the reader will discover more and more elements each time it is read…”

Full Review

Gwenellen Tarbet of InD’Tale Magazine

Five Stars “…The sci-fi piece is plainly at the core of the story, but J.I. Rogers fluidly incorporated levels of racism, love and corruption into the story-line as well. The Korpes File is sure to be a hit with sci-fi fans…”

Full Review

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team

The International Review of Books gold badge of achievement – “The world-building is extensive and very well-written. The characters are many, but once the story gets going and the characters are introduced, it flows…”

Full Review

~ BooksGoSocial Review

Five Stars “…The diversity of characters and situations that drive this plot-line forward, amidst a perfect storm of shocking and oftentimes devastating scenarios, causes cultural diversity to spur racial paranoia, impossible technologies to suddenly be made possible, and clashing personalities to find a way to mesh together despite their differences—allowing the main protagonists to somehow come together and work toward a common goal…”

Full Review

~ IHIBRP Book Review by J. B. Richards

Awards Won:
The Korpes File was well received, but has officially aged out of the new release category.
Here’s the collection of shiny stickers spanning 2017 – 2019

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I hope you enjoy my dystopian science fiction series!

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