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Vice & Virtue (Wyrd West Chronicles #2)

1 min read

By Diane Morrison


Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Weird Western


Pete Woodhouse doesn’t like to get involved. Too many complications, too dangerous to his person. But when the young half-elven Gunslinger who just saved his town finds himself standing alone against a gang of killers and slavers, the goads of Pete’s conscience might just be too much to ignore. Will he finally find himself putting his skills as an alchemist and inventor — and his prosthetic pneumatic shotgun — to work for the cause of Light?

Welcome to the Wyrd West, a post-apocalyptic Canada where Western meets high fantasy and a dash of steampunk.


This has become my splurge read! As an avid book blogger, I tend to hoard and devour books. It’s much more efficient than getting my book hunting gear on just for two or three (never one, I like to try new authors and turn away one in three). While totally efficient, it can take the wind out of a title’s sails to set around for months before I start in on it. Morrison has this serial of short stuff that totally has me hooked! I just let this title cut in ahead of the line and I had some Old West fun. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

— Shane’s Book Club

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