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Fluffy Bunny (Runespells Book 2)

1 min read

by Sarah Buhrman

Nicola was never a hero. She was an everyday single mother, Heathen witch, and herbalist. And she wanted nothing more than to forget the cluster of a situation she’d barely survived only a few months ago. But explain that to Hel.

As it turns out, Hel wants the souls she was promised, but something paranormal is keeping a lot of souls out of her reach. Nicola goes undercover into an isolated healing cult to find out what is going on, and if it is connected to the Runespells. The problem with cults, however, is the brainwashing.

Abandoned to her own devices by the gods and far from the friends that helped her before, can Nicola survive the tests long enough to complete her mission? And will she still be herself if she does?

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