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Blind the Eyes (Threads of Dreams, 1)

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eBook cover of YA dark fantasy Blind the Eyes by K.A. Wiggins on a dark background.

A YA dark fantasy of dreams, choice & the nightmares that feed on us.

The Mara took the part of me that could make bad choices. Or any choices.

I’m better off now . . . or that’s what I have to believe.

What I have to make them believe.

Because in Refuge, only the obedient get to live.

Screw-ups aren’t tolerated in the monster-infested Towers of Refuge.

Cole would know; she’s always had a macabre fascination with the victims of the dream-eating Mara–a weakness she’s desperate to hide from her only friend (a ghost–awkward much?) as well as Refuge authorities (who straight-up sacrifice the disobedient–so nope.)

But when her supposedly safe world starts to crack under the weight of its lies, even following the rules can’t keep her from disaster.

Worse, when she tries to escape Refuge’s twisted control by fleeing to the decadent and lawless underground, the Mara-taken dead come a-haunting.

To escape the nightmares and stop the dying, she’ll have to find the strength to face down more than just monsters.

The body count is on the rise and the ghost who won’t leave her side isn’t the only one with something to hide.

A not-quite-alive girl and her not-quite-dead ghost discover trusted authorities lie, allies have their own agendas and even the monsters wear masks in a journey of betrayal, revenge, and finding the power to fight back.

Book One of climate-crisis-meets-monsters-of-legend in post-apocalyptic Vancouver series, Threads of Dreams.

Read this atmospheric and twisty YA dystopian dark fantasy for fans of Brenna Yovanoff, Laini Taylor, and Holly Black today!

3D rendering of Blind the Eyes by K.A. Wiggins in ebook and paperback
Second edition covers

Praise for Blind the Eyes:

“…a complex tale that unfolds like a dream itself–mystical, and sometimes odd, but always captivating” –“20 Favorite Indie Books of 2018,” Barnes & Noble Press

“real in its essence and darkly satisfying at the same time” -★★★★★ NetGalley Reviewer

“a deep and intricate storyline” -★★★★ NetGalley Reviewer

“a fantastical dream” -★★★★★ NetGalley Reviewer

riveting thrill ride from beginning to end” -★★★★★ NetGalley Reviewer

mystical and a well-woven story” -★★★★★ NetGalley Reviewer

“a fantasy dystopian post-apocalyptic adventure of dreams, choice, and desire, and the nightmares that feed on us” -★★★★★ NetGalley Reviewer

Blind the Eyes shortlisted in eBook Award category of Page Turner Awards

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