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Letter from the End of the World: A Threads of Dreams Villain Origin Story

2 min read
Letter From the End of the World short story by K.A. Wiggins cover art.

The climate apocalypse meets monsters of myth & legend in this heartbreaking new villain origin story

Her secret was supposed to save the world.

But when the tide turns against her, there’s only one way to keep from going under.


Brilliant academic, driven professional, cynical wife, and reluctant mother, Maryam Ajera’s ambition knows no bounds.

She’ll risk whatever it takes to claw her way to the top.

But when her secret mission to stop the end of the world is hijacked by tragedy, the monstrous intelligence possessing her dying city forces her to choose between surrendering her life or signing on for an eternity of sacrifice.

In a city overrun by monsters, she’s far from the only one who’ll pay the cost.

Before her deal with the devil, Maryam was . . . anything but ordinary.

Read the letter she can never send to the son she can never acknowledge confessing the true story of their world before its fall.

Discover the unexpected villain origin story of the unearthly Mayor of the Towers of Refuge in this short spinoff to the Threads of Dreams series.

Suggested as a companion read, this short story set in near-future Vancouver covers events leading up to Blind the Eyes and can also be enjoyed as a standalone.

Epistolary end of the world fiction for fans of climate fiction, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, antihero fantasy, morally grey characters, and tragic romance.

One-click this short story today!

Also available in Italian from VirgoBooks Inc. as Lettera dalla Fine del Mondo.

Lettera dalla fine del mondo Italian translation of Letter from the End of the World by K.A. Wiggins cover banner.

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