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Under: A Threads of Dreams Dystopian Romance Prequel Novella

1 min read
YA dystopian fantasy romance Under by K.A. Wiggins ebook cover on giftwrap background.

Sibling rivalry takes a darker turn in this YA dystopian romance.

Twin sisters fight for love, identity, and survival in a monster-infested city.

The twins’ bond kept them together through everything the Towers of Refuge could throw at them.

But when Ange fakes her own death in a rash attempt to protect Amy, her sister runs away to join a secret club in the abandoned levels of the tower below the floodwaters.

Ange is determined to bring her back.

But the secrets—and the strangers—they discover below the waterline could sever their bond for good.

This SFF/spec-fic prequel story takes place less than a decade before Blind the Eyes and blends monsters and magic with near-future post-eco-disaster cityscapes for a fast-paced, genre-bending romantic thriller.

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Author’s Note:

Under is a novella-length first cut of forthcoming prequel novel Below the Surface.

This fun fast read is intended to offer entertainment and insight into the world of Threads of Dreams, but characterization, worldbuilding details, and plot points should not be considered 100% canon.

Below the Surface will be an expanded and fully edited retelling of Under with some changes to the plot and character journeys, and will follow the core Threads of Dreams trilogy in the publication schedule.

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