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Claire Ryan

Hello, yes, I am an author.

I do lots of stuff, but mostly I write epic fantasy, oddball steampunk, weird west silliness, and other speculative fiction which isn’t easily defined. I’m a senior web developer, a swordfighter, and weaponry enthusiast, and I have a policy that I will only write a particular weapon if I know, personally, how to wield it.

My website is at claireryanauthor.com, but you can usually find me ranting on Twitter about random nonsense.

Anyway let’s get to the books!

The Daemonva Trilogy

Click the covers 😛

The daemonva are strange, dangerous, winged warriors, fighting a war that has destroyed the land. Daemons and daevas battle endlessly, driving the flightless humanva underground.

But Suzanna is different. Underneath her daemonic skin, she is almost… humanva-like.

This is the story of her life, her sacrifice, and the world she fights to save.

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