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Claire Buss

Claire Buss is an award-winning fantasy & sci-fi indie-author. She also writes slice of life short stories & poetry and enjoys flashing. A member of three book clubs and at least three writing groups, Claire tries to write as often as her small people will let her. Lack of sleep and too many episodes of Peppa Pig results in some very intriguing story ideas. Visit her website, check out her book review vlogs here and join her on Goodreads, feel free to share book recommendations.

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Claire’s hopeful dystopian sci-fi series, The Gaia Collection, includes 2017 Raven Award-winning The Gaia Effect, her debut novel followed by The Gaia Project and The Gaia Solution. Set two hundred years in the future, the Gaia books follow the story of Kira and Jed Jenkins and their friends as they discover they’ve been lied to their whole lives by Corporation.

Visit Roshaven, Claires’ humorous fantasy world, and join Ned Spinks, Chief Thief-Catcher and his sidekick, Jenni the sprite as they tackle local crime in the award-winning The Rose Thief (2019 Raven Award Winner), The Interspecies Poker Tournament and Ye Olde Magick Shoppe. If you like Pratchett’s Discworld, then you’ll love the Roshaven books.

Enjoy short stories in Tales from Suburbia and Tales from the Seaside, read some flash fiction in The Blue Serpent & Other Tales and Flashing Here & There.

Take a wander through her poetry book collection; Little Book of Verse, Little Book of Spring, Little Book of Summer and Spooky Little Book.

Claire also has short stories in sci-fi and fantasy anthologies; Tales from the Underground, The Quantum Soul, The Sparkly Badgers’ Christmas Anthology and Haunted, the Sparkly Badgers’ Anthology.

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The Gaia Collection, hopeful dystopia from fantasy sci-fi indie-author Claire Buss
The Roshaven books, humorous fantasy from fantasy sci-fi indie-author Claire Buss

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