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Diane Morrison

Welcome to our community! I’m a short and long-form fiction hybrid SFF author and editor with a passion for supporting the underdog and building community for like-minded weirdos like me. That’s about as specific as I want to get with genre, because if it has a speculative element to it, I’ve probably tried it.😄 I’m probably best known for my Toy Soldier Saga and Wyrd West Chronicles series. I’ve also started a small publishing house for spec-fic of all kinds. I identify as bisexual demigender (female primary). Connect with me on BookBub, my Patreon, my worlds at WorldAnvil, or a variety of social media.

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Some Reviews:

“Saskatchewan gunslinger elves in a world vividly real and detailed. Morrison shows us a rarely explored Weird West landscape.”

Cat Rambo, World Fantasy Award Winner, Nebula and Locus Award nominee, author of the Tabat series

“A book friend told me about this world of gunfighting elves and I knew I was hooked! Then the writing was great, and that was a bonus!”

— Shane’s Book Club

“I had no idea what to expect when I started ‘Showdown’.I was initially put off by the capitalizations of what I took for time worn stereotypes: the Desperado, the Gunslinger, etc. Then Graeme let us see his elven ears and I was THERE. From that point on a black hole couldn’t have sucked me out of the story. Horses with opinions? A Gnome pitching a line to a Gunslinger’s sister? A ghost offering advice to that same Gunslinger? Oh, yeah, I’m definitely into this world.”

Bonnie Milani, author of Home World and Liquid Gambit

“I loved this book. It was like Fallout meets Firefly meets Supernatural meets Shannara. . . I found myself wanting to know much more about the world the author has created . . . It is packed full of good characterization, a steady plot, and worldbuilding you can really sink your teeth into.”

— Katje van Loon, author of Bellica and Stranger Skies

“A+ world-building in this one. The Wyrd West is set in the post-apocalyptic Canadian prairies-a new wild west only with magic. Alongside the traditional gunslingers, desperados, First Nations people, saloon owners and courtesans, there are also necromancers, elves, gnomes, Mantis-folk, and some steampunk technology. Even the common elements have been tweaked to be just a little different-the courtesan’s guild runs a spy network and the saloon owner has a prosthetic hand.  I especially enjoyed the gunslingers’ magic and code of honour: the Mark of Cain they wear after killing a bandit, the vigil to the Lord and Lady, the blessed ammunition.”

— On Spec Magazine

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