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J. I. Rogers

Welcome, all! I’m Jenn, aka, J. I. Rogers. I write dystopian sci-fi with a sprinkling of space opera thrown in for good measure. My biography already appears on this page, so I’ll just tell you a bit about my role here on “Our Own Worlds” and about my writing. 

What’s my function here?

I write/create short, visual content in the form of six-word story challenges as well as science/tech/biology/world-building articles from time to time. There may be the odd sci-fi or dystopian themed item thrown in as well. Aside from that, I lurk quietly.

So, you call yourself an author of… what?

I’ve been asked a lot of excellent questions, a bunch of odd stuff, and a handful of insulting things over the last few years. My personal favorite has to be “Have you written anything I’ve read?” Here are two of the most common questions I get regarding my work.

  1. First, why do I refer to it as Dystopian Sci-Fi with a sprinkling of Space Opera?
    Easy. The civilizations are all retrograde, there are aliens and AI, and the plot is character-driven.
  2. Second, are my books meant for young adults?
    Uh… I’d say no. Why? My books contain coarse language, adult situations, and controversial themes such as, but not limited to racism, xenophobia, arranged marriage, genocide, mental illness, and genetic experimentation. In other words, my characters drink, smoke, and do a host of other things that humanoids do.
A small portion of the planet Tamyrh, shown as a map. All locations appear in The Korpes File Series.

The Korpes File Series is told from multiple points-of-view and spans a large, geographic region.
All of my books include a map at the front (so you don’t get lost), and a character index at the back (because there are a LOT of names).

Please note: I’m shy, but I will answer questions in regard to my articles
and my series at the drop of a hat.

A Curated Review of…

Book One

Book covers of "The Korpes File" - book 1 in digital and paperback formats. Genre: Dystopian, science fiction, with a dash of space opera thrown in.

“…I love the characters – even the villains are fully realized human beings who do things mostly because they believe they are necessary and righteous, or because they are driven by love for someone else, even if that love is selfish. I love the steadily mounting tension and the way this misanthrope makes just enough connections with people along the way that their potential loss is used masterfully to raise the stakes. I love the premise, too. The in media res worldbuilding is phenomenal…” 

~ Read Sable Aradia’s Review on Goodreads

Editorial Reviews & Awards
Interviews & Reviews

A Curated Review of…

Book 2

Book covers of "The Korpes Agenda" - book 2 in digital and paperback formats. Genre: Dystopian, science fiction, with a dash of space opera thrown in.

Warning: this tense thriller gets highly emotional and ends on a cliffhanger. I was crying at the end, and now I really, really need to know what happens next! And Rogers hasn’t even finished writing the third book yet! DAMN her!

~ Read Sable Aradia’s Review on Goodreads

Editorial Reviews & Awards
Interviews & Reviews

Book Three is due out in 2020

Other Related Work:

The covers of the first five issues of Tamyrh Quarterly, a 15+ page fanzine/newsletter for those who my writing.

A sample chapter of book two and four short stories set on the planet Tamyrh were first released, individually, in my free, quarterly newsletter/zine. The collection is currently out of print because I re-branded and have yet to change the title to match.
If you’re interested in signing up for Tamyrh_Quarterly, be warned that I’m a year behind because life’s been throwing me curves. I’ll get that back on track and make sure the next issue is worth the wait. This fanzine/newsletter comes out four times a year.

All my books are available in paperback and digital form. For The Korpes File Series, use the link below to access your retailer of choice.

If you prefer an independent, brick and mortar shop, check for my series in a bookstore near you.

And last but not least; if you want a listing of all my books visit my author page on…

Dystopian, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Genetic Engineering, AI, Aliens

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