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C.L. Cannon

About Me

I really suck at first-person intros about myself, so I’ll let my official bio tell you a bit about me and I’ll add in some quirky commentary here and there!

C.L. Cannon is a USA Today Bestselling Author, publisher, publicist, editor, designer, and lots of other occupations with the -er sound at the end!

She is a woman of many talents who never gives up or stops improving. She enjoys writing about love and friendship. She loves it even more when she can add fantasy and science fiction aspects to those themes!

She’s a self-proclaimed Harry Potter freak (Slytherin Pride people), lover of anything Joss Whedon (Spuffy forever), Tolkien fiend (who enjoys second breakfast), an addict of classic literature (Social class struggles turn me on… literally 😉 yah see what I did there?)

She spends her days trying to #bookstagram (and probably failing), helping other authors grow and succeed (I love my job), and loving on her two babes (velociraptors), Seth and Petey.

She’s also sort of a social media enthusiast! You can find her basically everywhere on the net (man I just aged myself).
Or, you can visit her website for more content! https://clcannon.net

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Okay, back to first-person because writing is something I can talk about!

From the time I could read, I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I checked out every book my elementary library had to offer. I told stories aloud and was constantly imagining scenarios during playtime. I always had a firm grasp of grammar and a love of literature. I wrote my first story, which was an alternate ending of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women at the age of nine. It was probably horrible in hindsight, very melodramatic for sure, but at nine with no firm grasp on the real world, that seemed to make it exciting! I continued to write and to read, penning plays that my little sister and I performed for our parents.

In high school, I discovered fanfiction, and the writing flame spread through me like an inferno! I both read and wrote pages and pages of stories about Buffy, Gargoyles, Harry Potter, and several other beloved fandoms. I also joined the school literary magazine and wrote poetry and short stories, getting a few works published in public anthology volumes. I excelled in my AP English classes and thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with a good book rather than partying my teen years away. yeah, I was probably seen as a goody-two-shoes, but I’m fine with that.

I didn’t start writing professionally (though I still dabbled in fanfic) until 2014 when my friend Janae Keyes decided she’d self-publish her first book. I helped her edit the book and designed the cover for her. Helping her with this process really opened me up to the idea of self-publishing.

I wrote my first short story Chasing Time for a holiday anthology in 2015, and I haven’t looked back since!

Upcoming Books

I have several series in the works for 2020, but most of my published works right now are short stories.

My main series is called Forget Me Not and will be an Urban Fantasy YA trilogy set in present-day London. I am also finishing up an origin story novel for this series that is set in the early 1300s called Bloodlines.

I’m also writing a Time Travel YA Space Opera series called Time After Time and a YA Superhero/Anti-hero series that is currently unnamed as a whole. The first book will be called Turncoat.

And my last planned series is In The Kingdom of Dreams, a fairy tale retelling of Sleeping Beauty which will be published in Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night box set in August 2020.

In addition to these projects, I plan to release a few of my previously published short stories as standalones in 2020.

You can find all of my available work on my Amazon profile here: https://amazon.com/author/clcannon

Fiction-Atlas Press

Fiction-Atlas Press is a publishing company that is owned and operated by C.L. Cannon.

In 2016, I incorporated my company Fiction-Atlas Press and began publishing other authors in my yearly anthologies. We do one for-profit anthology and one charity anthology a year. I also expanded my author services to include editing, formatting, cover design, marketing, web design, book trailers, animations, and much more!

Today, my business is booming, and it has become an integral part of my life. I now take on one-on-one author clients and run group promotions with hundreds of authors at a time inside my Facebook marketing group where we all collaborate as a team to get results! I’ve been named a marketing guru and marketing expert by several of my peers and been featured on multiple podcasts, video shows, and even inside three non-fiction books about marketing. My website is featured on Joanna Penn‘s recommendations page and on several author resource websites across the internet. I mostly specialize in Fantasy and Science Fiction marketing, but I am training my little sister to handle the Romance aspect of the business. We’ll be launching a newsletter advertising service beginning in January 2020. We also have plans to start a book box subscription service in the future.

Thankfully, I really can say that I love my job. I get to read books, write books, and help my fellow authors succeed! So dreams really do come true if you’re willing to keep reaching for them. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of set-backs, and a whole lot of determination, but I promise it is possible.

Fiction-Atlas Anthologies

As I mentioned above, Fiction-Atlas publishes two anthologies a year!

Discover new and uncharted worlds as the authors of Unknown Realms weave ten tales of mystic portals, space exploration, time travel, alternate dimensions, and undiscovered landscapes.

There’s so much more to each hero beyond the mask…

Fighting crime is not always a walk in the park. The power to protect citizens comes at a price… your identity.


Travel through space and time with this multi-author anthology from Fiction-Atlas Press!

Ten authors take you on a time-warping journey into the future and back to the past!

Weave your way through imagination as Fate takes an interesting turn in your favorite childhood stories. From The Frog Prince to The Six Swans, see what happens when fairy tales are … twisted.

New beginnings, second chances, and forbidden romance await you inside this multi-genre collection.

Are you ready to fall in love?


2020 Anthologies

The Devil You Know Anti-Hero Anthology


Bloodsport Vampire Charity Anthology

The Indie Connection

In addition to the things that I do with Fiction-Atlas, I also do a video segment called The Indie Connection. This segment focuses on spotlighting four independently published or small press books that are comparable to popular traditional titles. I started off doing this for Joe Compton of GoIndieNow on his weekly show, This Week In Indies. I still publish the segment as part of his show every week before uploading it to my Youtube channel a few days later. It’s something that I really enjoy, not only because it helps publicize some less known indies, but because I get to discover new author friends and new favorite books! You can watch all the episodes via the playlist below or subscribe to my Youtube channel here.

I also do a monthly marketing tip for GoIndieNow’s flagship show every month and join in many of the panel discussions. GoIndieNow, Joe, and the regular participants are like my family.

Living with Chronic Pain

When I was eleven, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, which is an S-shaped curve of the spine. I wore a back brace for five years to correct it, and though I did have some back pain, I was never really chronically suffering until after my second child was born in October of 2014. I was stuck seven times with an epidural needle, and none of them worked. I had natural childbirth because they could not get into the epidural space to relieve the pain. This blind poking around combined with the fact that my curvatures had significantly progressed in pregnancy, caused nerve damage and sciatica. I had also developed ankylosing spondylitis, which is a form of arthritis that stiffens the joints. I also suffer from multiple vitamin deficiencies as a result of Polycystic Ovary Disorder, which I developed in late 2015.

The combination of these disabilities causes me to be unable to sit, stand, or stay in one position for more than a few moments. I often go numb in my extremities or am in vast amounts of pain. It makes everyday life a little difficult for me but I’ve learned to live with it and plan my life around it. That includes work and writing time. I’ve helped other authors and readers cope with their own mental and chronic pain issues over the years. I hope that I am someone who anyone in need of help or just an understanding ear, can feel comfortable turning to.

Courtney the Reader

I enjoy being a reader and participating in the reading community just as much as I do the author community! You’ll often find me on Bookstagram taking photos of my book babies, on Goodreads reviewing my latest reads, and on FB Live and Youtube unboxing my book box subscriptions and being generally nerdy AF about books and pop culture!

I am a paperback and hardback collector, but I also really enjoy audiobooks and ebooks. Books in any format make me happy! I particularly love to read YA books. I also tend to stay in the Fantasy and Sci-fi genres.

My Role at Our Own Worlds

I am so excited to join the team here at Our Own Worlds! I was invited to take part in this project by Diane Morrison and Sarah Buhrman who I have worked with several times in the past on various projects. I hope to help with marketing the website to new visitors and to post some interesting and engaging blog posts about writing, reading, and pop culture!

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