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SPA: Super Powered Anonymous

1 min read

by Sarah Buhrman

SPA: Super Powered Anonymous

Trance, the mediator for Super Powered Anonymous, a support group for people with superpowers unsuitable for caped heroics, is used to helping with self esteem, super power accidents, and complaints about having to carry SP Liability Insurance. Her ability to calm emotions and cool tempers gives her an edge with that. What she doesn’t expect is when a supposedly-reformed super-villain wants to join the group.

Mute is tired of the second-rate villain life. He can shut the haters up, but he can’t give his life a purpose. He’s looking for a second chance, but suspicion follows him everywhere.

When SPA members turn up dead, Mute is the prime suspect. Can he convince the others he’s innocent? Will their “lame” powers be enough to solve the case?

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