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Review: Chlorophyll & Gasoline by S.J. Fleming

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Chlorophyll & Gasoline cover

Chlorophyll & Gasoline” by S.J. Fleming is a great post-apocalyptic short story that breaks the trend of dystopian. Instead, it shows a unique take on the survivors of world-wide climatic destruction. The meeting of the new humans with a relic from the past makes for a nice exploration of the differences and similarities between all people.

The development of the survivors’ culture is developed only as much as it needs to be for the purposes of the story, which is perfect for a short story. However, the thought behind it and the complexity hinted make for a fully fleshed out world.

The characters are relatable and struggle with their own flaws, doubts and interactions with each other. This makes for the core of the main plot, and it is a nicely satisfying arc and resolution.

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