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Katje’s Top Ten Witchy Apps

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Today for Wyrd Wednesday I want to talk about my top ten witchy apps for keeping track of the moon phases, learning tarot, and more. As a modern technopagan, I find the use of apps on my phone or tablet invaluable to my practice.

This is not “the definitive list” of witchy apps — it’s simply my list of favourites, tailored to my personal practice. If you have different ones you want to share, do so in the comments!

Note: all of these apps are free (most with in-app purchases). None of them require in-app purchases to have basic functionality. The ones that do don’t make my top lists. Most of these apps have full functionality without making a purchase. They are also all for Android. I can’t speak to iOS, sorry.

1. Lunar Phase by Andscaloid.

A screenshot showing the Lunar Phase Widget for Katje's Top Ten Witchy Apps.

(See the screenshot from my phone showing the use of the widget on the home page.)

This app has everything you want to know about the moon, as well as sunset and sunrise times. (Important to me because I do Brighidine flametending, which starts at my local sunset.)

It also includes a map of where the moon is relative to where you are, a compass, and there’s a widget you can put on your home screen. Currently one of the home screen pages on my phone has the widget so I can always tell at a glance what the moon phase is.

In addition, the app has a calendar of the moon phases, so you can easily plan out your magic month.

2. My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar and Full Moon Phases by jRustonApps.

Not as robust as the app mentioned above, this app is still a nice little moon phase app that’s very aesthetically pleasing. It gives you notifications for whatever phases and events you select (including solstices and eclipses!).

It also informs you of moon visibility and the golden and blue hours for photography. In addition, you can select a custom location instead of using your current one — perfect if you want to keep track of the moon in a secondary location.

3. Golden Thread Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy.

In addition to being a beautiful deck, this is a great app for learning Tarot or doing Tarot on the go. It gives you a notification every day to pick a card of the day, and lets you log your impressions of each card. Over time you can see your reactions to different cards and learn how you read them.

Labyrinthos Academy has a few other apps, as well, a few of which I’ll mention below, but I also wanted to point out Labyrinthos Tarot. I haven’t used this app myself yet, but I can speak to the quality of their other apps. This one is specifically for learning tarot, so if you’re a rank beginner, check it out!

4. Luminous Spirit Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy.

Yes, another Tarot app. This one is different, however. Instead of just doing a card a day or random readings, this one has you set intentions and do readings in tune with the moon phases. It’s pretty cool.

Each moon phase you hold the little moon and set your intention, and then do a reading, to which you can save your own interpretations. I love this app because it lets me do spell work with nothing but my intent and my phone, and bolsters my Tarot skills at the same time.

If you don’t have any physical room for Tarot or spell work, this app is a lifesaver.

5. Seventh Sphere Lenormand and Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy.

WHAT, another Tarot app! Ok, I really like Labyrinthos Academy. This one I use for learning Lenormand, however, and I do that in addition to Tarot. Sometimes if my Tarot draw is confusing me, using a different type of deck for a reading will clarify things.

If you ever wanted to learn Lenormand and had no idea where to start, try this app. It’s beautiful and easy to use, and straightforward in its teaching.

Runner Up For Tarot: Galaxy Tarot by Galaxy Tone Software.

A screenshot of the Galaxy Tarot Card of the Day Widget for Katje's top ten witchy apps list.

See screenshot for Card of the Day widget on home screen. Please ignore my step count; my Fitbit broke and a new one is being shipped to me.

This one is a runner up because it is a very nice Tarot app and because this is my top ten witchy apps list, not my top eleven. To be honest, I feel you can’t have too many Tarot apps.

I don’t love it as much as I love my Labyrinthos ones, but I still use it daily. A big bonus of this app is it has a Tarot card of the day widget, so you can have the card show up right on your home screen. I just need to swipe a bit to see what card is drawn for me, then click on it to read more.

Galaxy Tarot uses the basic Rider Waite system, as well, so if you are less comfortable with alternative artistic styles for tarot decks it’s a very solid choice.

6. Nature Sounds by Sound Sleep.

As a disabled witch, getting out to nature is not always possible for me! I am often bound to my home, especially in inclement weather. As well, the seaside, while being important to me spiritually, is honestly usually too far away to drive (and then there’s parking…oof).

That’s why this app reaches my top ten list. It allows me to simulate being in the natural settings I like at any time. It helps me get more in tune with the energies of nature even if I’m trapped in my house. And honestly, it’s just super pleasant to fall asleep to a thunderstorm any time I like.

7. Planetary Times by thereisonlywe.

If you use planetary hours in your craft at all, this app is essential. Why spend the time calculating yourself when a computer can do the math for you? (If you want to know more about planetary hours and why they’re used, check out this article. The same site has a page where you can look at the daily planetary hours for your location at a glance.)

I never used to use planetary hours in my craft, but lately I got really into it because it’s an easy hyperboost for whatever I’m trying to accomplish. As I lack energy and time these days, I can use all the boosts I get. If I’m doing a working for money, I try to find a spot each day during the Jupiter hour when I can work a little magic. Small steps take you to the top of the mountain as easily as big ones!

I should also note: this app has a ton of extra astrology-related functionality. I don’t explore the rest of it myself because I really just need the planetary hours, but it’s pretty in-depth.

8. Calm by Calm.com Inc.

I really like this app for meditation. A subscription to Calm does unlock the full range of meditations on the app, but there’s more than enough on there to start your practice. They also have a nature sound functionality, which you can set to play a certain amount of time after you’ve closed the app.

While it and its runner-up do not fully fit my free functionality criteria, they still make this list of top ten witchy apps. Why? Because they’re the best meditation apps I’ve found that still give me basic functionality at the free level, and because I think meditation is important. You might disagree, which is totally fine!

Mediation Runner-Up: Headspace by Headspace.

I haven’t used it in ages, but I loved it when I did. It also requires a subscription for full access to all its features, but what’s available in the free version is pretty good.

9. Droid Candle by X2-Ware.

Do you like lighting candles for devotional or witchy purposes? Are you unable to have open flames most of the time? Then this app is for you!

It’s super simple. You open it, there’s a candle. Tap the candle to light it. You can do this with a small prayer, or as you say the spell work. Then you can “leave it burning” by leaving your phone open to that app, and “blow it out” by tapping it again.

Or you can exit the app, which is what I do when I’m doing all-night flametending. It’s still burning until you close the app.

This app has been a lifesaver for me keeping my flametending shifts when I’m traveling or otherwise unable to keep an actual flame.

10. PlantNet by plantnet-project.org.

If you are interested in green witchcraft, wildcrafting, or just getting to know the nature all around you, this is a great app. You can upload pictures of plants in your area to figure out what they are. You can also browse pictures of plants to try and learn them on sight.

I find it so much better than trying to figure out what a plant looks like from an illustration in a book.

That’s my list of top ten witchy apps (plus a few runners-up)! It’s by no means comprehensive; there are many more apps out there that can serve the technopagan life. Many of which are not strictly intended for pagans or witches, but work just fine for us!

What are some of your favourite witchy apps?

Katje van Loon writes epic fantasy with pagan themes, portal fantasy about pagan gods, and poetry inspired by witchcraft and ancient traditions. Zie’s not sure if she’s an expert yet, but boy howdy does zie know a lot about mythology and paganism.

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