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Our Own Worlds is Not an Echo Chamber

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by Sarah Buhrman

A couple of weeks ago, we at Our Own Worlds accidentally proved we are not an echo chamber. I had posted an opinion article on the ethical dilemma of dealing with big-named authors who behaved problematically.

Then another of the Our Own Worlds author-members posted a rebuttal of sorts. This article showed the other side of taking such a stand and the problems that can arise from jumping the gun.

I thought it was awesome!

We Don’t Need No Yes
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Our Own Worlds, like many organizations, is perhaps thought to be a kind of hive mind. We are here to promote a certain concept (recognizing gender-marginalized voices in SFF), and so are thought to be in agreement.

This is true of the basic concept. However, on virtually everything else, we are our own people. We do not agree on everything. Not 100 percent.

More importantly, we like that.

Matter of Opinion

The author-members here at Our Own Worlds are encouraged to express ourselves freely. We do discuss topics, but primarily it is whether those topics are related to SFF or if an article focuses on a topic of interest to SFF readers.

We don’t always get involved in publishing news because it is less relevant, not because we don’t have opinions. We talk about topics that we encounter in our stories rather than “hot topics.”

The Dissent

Most of us here actually like the discussions that arise from varying opinions. We like that a topic gets the full spectrum of attention when there is an “other hand” perspective. We want to have someone challenge our mindset, because that is how we grow.

Authors can get stuck in their own world view, especially if it is connected to their writing. Having that view challenged helps us develop nuance, which we can then express through our characters and worlds. This adds depth to our position.

We don’t want an echo chamber here. We will always strive to challenge each other and our readers in ways that help all of us think about things in more depth.

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