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Sharing in the Time of the Plague

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Hey all. I tried to come up with something witty in this crazy time, but I just don’t have anything. Except… right now, stories may be needed more than they ever have been in our lifetimes, and at a time when everyone has a lot less cash to spend than they even had a week ago.

So. Here are a couple of things I’m doing to help share stories in such a time:

If you can handle stories about surviving isolation right now, you can listen to the Blue Funk Podcast, which is a new podcast putting out stories and poetry to keep us all sane. The first episode is my story “Survivor,” and I think Rachel (a.k.a. Soundmaiden) has captured its claustrophobic feel very well, even if she did pronounce most of my names differently than I would have. 😉 I gave her a few of my stories, so I’m sure they will appear at a later date. You can listen to “Survivor” here.

If you can handle post-apocalyptic stories right now, I’m giving away free copies of the first story in my Wyrd West Chronicles series. You can get it here.

“Survivor” is part of the Toy Soldier Saga series. This is the same series that includes “The Queen’s Dirk” and “As Only a Soldier Can.” If you want something to look forward to each week, I’m serializing the first novel for my Patrons at World Anvil. For the duration of the quarantine, or whenever the book finishes, I will offer at least a pdf of each chapter to ALL of my Patrons, from $1 to $50. You can subscribe to my Patreon here.

Last, the details are still solidifying, but my new podcast If This Goes On (Don’t Panic), which is all about Hopepunk SFF and Hopepunk as a movement, will be doing “Quarantine Episodes,” likely aired live on our Facebook page and recorded and sent to our RSS without editing. This will be a more casual format than our initial vision of the podcast, may or may not include guests, and will offer book giveaways. Keep your eye on our site for more details.

We’re facing a great challenge, and just like in wartime, everyone has got to do their bit. This is part of my bit, and I hope it helps alleviate the tension and the boredom while we all wait out the storm.

If you’re a writer and you have things you want to share, discount, or contribute in this difficult time, please feel free to include your links in the comments. Your work should contain at least a small speculative element, but we’ll wave all other requirements for the duration. I want to help people to help other people.

Stay safe out there.

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