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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Loquacious”

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To appease the SEO beast, I’m repeating the title in the opening paragraph. Six-Word Story Challenge – “Loquacious.” I’ve missed a couple of week’s worth of posts, and this one is a day late – sorry. I dedicate this week’s challenge to all those participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. May your muse take the hint.

The SEO analysis just informed me that I need to restate the title/key phrase again. Six-Word Story Challenge – “Loquacious.”

What? Another paragraph? Jenn, have you gone mad? Nope, I’m simply taking the challenge to heart. Why? Today, as something new, I’m attempting to get a ‘green smiley face’ and break the trend of orange ones. This means that I’ve got to target 200 or more words for this article. Don’t worry; I’ll go back to being happy with the amber smiley next week. Speaking of next week, I’ve got a question for all who see these posts… Should they continue, or would you prefer to see some other type of content? I’ve appreciated those who’ve answered back with their own stories, but six-word story challenges don’t seem to draw much interaction.

I’m open to suggestions, so please
leave your comments below.

Six-Word Story Challenge - "Loquacious" “Please, be brief.” "Shan't" said protagonist. The image is of a grinning, long haired male with round glasses.

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