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New Release: Jewel of Gazanté

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Lit by candlelight, a woman in a veil, holding a knife.

Political intrigue, love and lust, deceptions and manipulation.  The Jewel of Gazanté us a twisting plot that brings to light the story of two people trapped by their families’ machinations and a sandstorm. A world of cultures and greed serves as the backdrop to a cast of characters with their own flaws. The greatest antagonist of life may be misunderstanding, and Mab Morris shows that masterfully. —Sarah Burhman, author of the Runespells Series

A beautiful little love story in an atmospheric setting, a desert sprung to life.—Jo M. Thomas, author of the Elkie Bernstein books.

Jewel of Gazanté

Only one person can save her country—but she must avoid an arranged marriage, the growing threat of civil war and save the country she’s spent her whole life trying to rebuild.

Trapped, and tested by the Goddess of Sandstorms, Zalaya is forced to confront a former friend. Through years of political intrigue, and treachery he has become her enemy. By law of the land, she cannot bar him from refuge, or revenge the death of a friend.  While her country faces civil war, their lives are in the hands of the storm goddess who will keep them trapped till her plans are satisfied.  

The two confront each other with accusations, and the depths of betrayal. The fate of Zalaya’s country is at stake, and only one person can save it.  She is the Jewel of Gazanté.

Jewel of Gazanté now available in Amazon, or contact Dahlonega, Georgia’s Bear Book Market’s website or their Facebook page. She is celebrating her overdue book launch at Bear Book Market on November 14, 2020. Mab Morris can be found on Facebook as well.

Cover photography by Jonathan Byrd, musician, singer song writer, and fabulous artist. His photography can be found on Instagram.

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