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About Our Own Worlds

All the world’s a stage; and all the men and women merely players…

As You Like It, Shakespeare

In November 2019, it started with an idea that came out of a discussion on Twitter, as these things frequently do.

We, as women and marginalized gendered SFF indie writers, face three major obstacles:

1) Indie writers are still not taken as seriously as traditionally published writers. We are dismissed. Most major sites and services won’t promote or review us. We’re still building the parallel structure to support us, since the trad world hasn’t wanted to include us. We want to show that indie writing is every bit as good as trad writing.

2) The publishing field is, in general, hostile to women and other genders. We are not taken as seriously as male writers by the pros in the industry. A lot – A LOT – of anecdotal stories suggest this is even worse in SFF, where the structure has been largely sexist and racist since the major SFF pulp magazines. We want to show that women and other marginalized genders write amazing SFF, thank you very much.

3) It’s hard to get noticed, both because trad publishing structures won’t give us a platform, and because there’s a lot of indie published books, so how do we get heard? We want to provide that platform with a genre-specific focus, which most indie platforms are not doing (and when they do, they focus on romance, which is fine but not necessarily us.)

Our Own Worlds is our answer to these issues. OOW is an online community, a showcase, and a gathering of the best that indie speculative fiction can offer. It’s our own space to make and to share with all our readers.

Check out the Author Profiles for a list of all current OOW authors. If you’re interested in joining us as an author, please see the Membership page. We welcome all independent speculative fiction authors of marginalized gender identities who meet our membership requirements to join us as an author; we invite absolutely everyone who welcomes diversity to join our community.