>Our Own Worlds<

A Speculative Fiction Community for Independent Writers & Readers


The requirements for joining Our Own Worlds as an author are as follows:

  • Be Published: You must have at least one novel published in a speculative fiction genre, including but not limited to science-fiction, fantasy, steampunk, speculative horror, paranormal romance, dystopian, or alternate history.
  • Be You: You must be female, agender, gender-queer, non-binary, or any combination thereof. (Trans folks welcome!)
  • Be Peer-Reviewed: Three current OOW members who write in the same genre must read a sample of your work and agree that it is at a standard consistent with the rest of OOW.

If you match all these criteria and would like to join us, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

Membership currently costs USD$5 a year, payable on acceptance into OOW.

If you write in more than one genre, then please choose whatever one you like best.
This can be a Dropbox link, a link to your website, or any download link where we can get a complete, free review copy of your work without needing to log in or sign up for something.
Please tell us about you and your publishing journey.